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  ►  Videotaping and Editing is one of our specialties (Click Here for Sample Video)
►  We have special video equipment that allows us to easily film an event
            from up to 30 foot in the air which provides great footage other video
            companies can't get.
       ► Do you need someone to come to your location and take video
           and then edit it into a great DVD?  We can talk about performing
           this service for you.
       ► Are you in a band that needs a music video?  We can take video
           from multiple cameras and create a music video of your band.
       ► How about a school band, choir, dance team that needs to have a
           video made for your group?

21st Century Slideshows
    (Video and Pictures Compiled together on a DVD)
      ► Family Vacations     
      ► Birthdays
      ► Memorials
      ► Family Reunions
►  And Others

21st Century Yearbooks   
     (Video & Pictures Compiled together for your team or group
      which includes an introduction slideshow of the members)
      ► Scout Packs and Troops     
      ► Church groups
      ► Sport Teams      ► Dance Teams     
      ► Cheer Leading Teams
►  And Others

► Create Photo/Video slideshows for YouTube

► Photograph or video an event such as anniversary parties, birthdays or weddings.

Scanning of Photos to put into the slideshows
          Scanning Slides (35 mm) to a DVD for printing or putting in a

Video Tape to DVD Transfers
►  Transfer VHS, 8-MM, Hi-8, Mini-DV and Digital-8 Tapes to DVD
            Includes DVD Menu with chapter selections to
            quickly access your content.

8mm Movies to DVD Transfers
      ►  Transfer 8-mm and Super 8-mm movie film to DVD

 LP Records and Audio Tape to Audio CDs
►  Get your favorite old Records converted to CD to play on your 
           CD player
  Put your favorite audio cassette tapes onto Audio CD

Music Editing 
►  Compile a favorites song CD or MP3 list.          
Edit songs together to make a medley of songs for dance

►   Training
       ► Would you like to learn how to create picture/video slideshows
           yourself?  We can train you on the way we do this.


If you need something else done in the way of Audio, Video and Pictures that you don't see in our list above, give us a call or email us about it.  We are pretty resourceful and will try our best to help you out.