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21st Century Yearbook Demos
Team Introduction

Picture/Video Slideshow Demo

A 21st Century Yearbook is a picture/video slideshow that captures the events that took place on a team or group during the time the team was together.  This is a great momento to relive the memories of being a part of a team or group.

A 21st Century Yearbook consists of the following:
      ■  A team or group introduction 
      ■ Picture
/video slideshows capturing the team or groups activities throughout the year.
      ■  A professional looking DVD case and label

Below are examples of team/group introductions as well as picture/video slideshows of events the team took part in through out the year.  These will give you a great idea of what a team yearbook is all about.  All of the teams I have been involved with have loved having this video to capture the memories.

Team Introduction

Group Intro and Slideshow Demo

Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 12 PD Page

Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 12 PD Page

We use Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus to create all the great 21st Century Slideshows. If you would like to get this software, please click on the link below.

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Baseball Team Slideshow Demo

Baseball Team Intro Demo

Example Photos taken by us

Hockey Team Intro Demo